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The Canadian Connection

Canadian company Day4 Energy’s electrode improves the efficiency of common solar cells by nearly 1 percentage point. Modules made from these cells show an increase in power of 5 to 10 percent. However under the protection of a worldwide patent, the technology cannot become widespread-that is, unless Day4 transforms into the major supplier that company executives envision.

Day 4 Energy Electrodes

Day4 Energy has developed an electrode to replace the bus bars on the front side of solar cells. Slightly modified cells are needed for this – obviously, they must not have any bus bars. But they must not have aluminum/silver pads on the backside of the cells where the bus bars are normally soldered during the regular cell connection process.

Solar Electric Technology

The core of Day4 Energy’s technological advantage is our proprietary and patented Day4 Electrode that is used to inter-connect photovoltaic (PV) cells and collects the power they generate. This technology represents a fundamental change in the way that both PV cells and PV modules are built.

5 Tips to Increase the Efficiency of Your Solar Panels

Lately, there has been an unsurprising surge in the use of the solar system for the generation of electricity, heating, and drying, with the reasons not far-fetched. The solar system has proven to be an effective and yet economical means of generating electrical energy.

The core of our technology is the patented stay-powerful Technology that interconnects solar electric cells and collects the power they generate. This innovation is a direct replacement of the conventional, high temperature solar cell soldering process.

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Shade reduces the efficiency of solar PV modules. Day4 Energy’s work-smart Technology enables optimum performance by maximizing the energy yield, even when the module is shaded by trees and buildings or partially covered by leaves, moss, snow or dirt.

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Solar photovoltaic modules perform well under ideal conditions – particularly during their initial years of operation. Challenging environmental conditions over 25 years of use may significantly affect the performance of conventionally built modules. It’s important to choose a quality solar PV module to make the most of your investment.