How to Safely Install Solar Panel on Your Roof

Solar installation explained

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy with many benefits. One of them is a once-off installation cost with no monthly bills.

Secondly, if you are passionate about saving the planet, then this is the best form of energy for the following reasons.

  • Available in all parts of the world
  • No electricity bills
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Multipurpose form of energy
  • Modern technology and improvements

With all the advantages of this form of energy, it’s evident that you need to purchase this power equipment to enjoy the benefits. 

How should you safely install it in your home or office to start enjoying the full benefits? 

Safety facts you need to know before installing solar equipment

  • The amount of energy you need to power the equipment
  • Professional expertise in the solar installation
  • You may require improvisations for near-perfect installation
  • Get the necessary certifications before you embark on the exercise
  • The direction of high solar intensity

Here are the necessary steps you need to follow when installing the solar panel.


1. Measure the roof space vs. the solar panel dimensions

Once you get the amount of power you need, you should now get to know the number of solar panels required and the roofing space.

These are things you do while doing your solar panel shopping. It makes no business sense to purchase many boards when you can get a bigger one for the same purpose.

Solar panels can’t occupy the whole roof; you only mount where there is direct solar radiation.

Study the sun patterns to get the correct installation location

You need a professional to get the sun patterns to maximize the efficiency of the solar panel. So many factors need to be put into consideration like

  • The shadow effect
  • Surrounding buildings
  • The location- tropics or equatorial or polar regions
  • The professionals have gadgets to ease this work for a sure-bet kind of installation.

2. Mount a solar panel support

The roof is generally in a slanting position. However, there are flat rooftops that might prove challenging when installing.

Therefore, you need to mount support. Wooden support is the best option since it’s a poor conductor.

You don’t want to install a solar panel only to notice that the metallic support takes out some current, which is not in use.

A woodworker has a job here. Using a plasma cutter of a reasonable price, he can measure and cut wood that fits the panels to prevent it from falling from the roof.

We can’t completely write off metallic stands; however, if you choose to go that route, ensure you take care of any current leakages.

3. Lift the panels the roof

You have the mountings, what else do you need? You need not take the solar panels up the roof for installation.

At that point, you can now fasten with the screws for that permanent support. At this time, you need to take care not to fall off the roof.

Remember, it’s a slippery surface. You can also do the installation when the sun has moderate sun radiation; if not, you need to invest in good shoes and protective wear.

4. Connect the panels to the system and test their functionality and performance

Connecting them is one thing, and for them, to power, your gadget is yet another thing. It’s time to join the wiring system to the solar panels to start enjoying the benefits.

It means you need to get an electrician before solar panel installation to smoothen the process.

Here are a few safety measures to practice during the wiring installation

  • Avoid any naked wire, instead insulate them
  • Warp any wire end with electric tape to make it waterproof
  • Mount an earth rod to the electrical system to avoid electric shocks
  • Use three wires when doing the wiring process
  • Install an inverter to convert the current from alternating current to direct current
  • All-electric box must be installed in a cool and dry place
  • Have circuit breakers as an electric accident cushion

Although the installation process looks complicated, it’s a once-off activity. You can use your electric appliances without thinking of any water bill.

You are also part of the movement to help save the earth’s resources. The moment you switch on that electricity, be sure the water sources are put to pressure.

Do you want to live with that guilt? Follow these guidelines to have the best solar installation to power your home or office with minimal interruptions.

As long as you involve an expert in this, the whole process is a walk in the park. Technological advancement has also made this simple and straightforward.