The Company

Fact Sheet


Day 4 Energy Inc. is a Vancouver-based leader in the global photovoltaic ( PV ) industry, which is focused on converting solar energy into electricity. We have three district lines of business contributing to our revenue stream:

  1. We design, manufacture, and sell solar panels for global markets using our patented Day4 Electrode technology.
  2. We provide solar project consulting services and turnkey projects to large-scale industrial, commercial clients, and investors.
  3. We license our technology to third-party solar cell and PV platform manufacturer.

We were established in Vancouver, BC in 2001, became a public company in 2007 with a $100 million offering on the Toronto Stock Exchange, and have 95 employees worldwide with operations in Vancouver, Poland, Germany, and Italy. Our revenue in fiscal 2009 was $60 million. Our clients are found in Germany, Italy, Canada, USA, Mexico, Japan, Korea, and Australia.


Company Objectives



  1. Grow and diversity solar panel sales
  2. Reinforce project consulting & turnkey project platforms
  3. Develop Technology licensing market
  4. Expand Canadian & European investor base
  5. Attain profitability i.e. positive EBITDA