Advanced Technology, More Energy. It’s In Our DNA.

The New Standard for Energy Collection in Solar PV Modules.

The core of our technology is the patented stay-powerful Technology that interconnects solar electric cells and collects the power they generate. This innovation is a direct replacement of the conventional, high-temperature solar cell soldering process.

stay-powerful Technology is comprised of a polymer film embedded with a number of copper wires specially coated with a proprietary, low-temperature melting point alloy. This establishes a low-resistance electrical contact with the surface of the PV cell creating over 2,100 independent electrical contacts.

This seemingly simple change to the standard process triggers a number of far-reaching benefits, including improved PV cell efficiency and mechanical stability, exceptional PV module power density, and better long term performance where it truly matters – in the field.

The result is more kilowatt-hours over the lifetime of the product with virtually no power losses. It also improves power output and performance in both low light conditions and at higher temperatures compared to standard solar modules.

Intelligent Shade Protection for Real-World Conditions.

Shade reduces the efficiency of solar PV modules. Day4 Energy’s work-smart Technology enables optimum performance by maximizing the energy yield, even when the module is shaded by trees and buildings or partially covered by leaves, moss, snow, or dirt.

Conventional solar modules contain three strings, or zones, of interconnected PV cells. When even a small portion of one string is partially shaded, the entire zone may no longer collect energy, significantly reducing the module’s capacity. The flexible cell layout of the stay-powerful™ Technology allows for the design of a module with nine independent operating segments. If one is shaded, the other eight keep working.

This means that with work-smart™ Technology, modules are three times less sensitive to the effects of shade and debris than traditional PV modules.

Your Assurance of Quality and Durability in Solar Modules

Solar photovoltaic modules perform well under ideal conditions – particularly during their initial years of operation. Challenging environmental conditions over 25 years of use may significantly affect the performance of conventionally built modules. It’s important to choose a quality solar PV module to make the most of your investment.

The live-long  Technology mark from Day4 Energy is your assurance of durability, quality, and that the module will meet your performance expectations for two decades or more. Advanced technologies, quality components, and superior manufacturing processes go into every module that carries the live-long™ designation.

Solar modules with the live-long™ mark feature a watertight back-sheet material containing aluminum foil. Certified to protect from the damaging effects of moisture and salt-mist, these solar modules are immune to harmful gasses like ammonia found at greenhouses and farmlands and designed to perform exceptionally well in hot climates.